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2017-09-23: Greek Verbs, Apple, v.2.8.0
  • iOS 11 improvements update.
2017-07-17: Greek Verbs, Apple, v.2.7.0
  • Fixed an issue with “More” tab.
2017-05-30: Greek Verbs, Apple, v.2.6.0
  • Minor bug fixes.
2017-04-06: Greek Verbs, Apple, v.2.5.0
  • You can remove the ads now if you want.
2017-03-12: Greek Verbs, Apple, v.2.4.0
  • Fixed crash issue on some devices that was introduced in the previous update.
2017-03-09: Greek Verbs, Apple, v.2.3.0
  • Updated Ad framework.
  • Minor bug fixes.
2015-09-20: Greek Verbs, Apple, v.2.2.0
  • Added Rate the app functionality.
2015-08-11: Greek Verbs, Apple, v.2.1.0
  • Minor bug fixes.
2015-04-23: Greek Verbs, Apple, v.2.0
  • Major update to work with iOS 8.
  • Fix crash after iOS 8.3 release.
  • Added iAds.
2013-12-18: Greek Verbs Lite, Apple, v.1.3.0
  • Fix English (Australia) search bug.
  • Fix link to buy the full version.
  • Fix link to rate the app.
  • Minor iOS 7 fixes.
2013-10-01: Greek Verbs Lite, Apple, v.1.2.0
  • Database improvements
2013-09-14: Greek Verbs Lite, Apple, v.1.0.1
  • Fix spelling mistake for ωριμάζω.
  • Updated facebook and twitter links.
2013-08-09: Greek Verbs Lite, Apple, v.1.0.0
  • First release.